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    Kekedjian, who was the U.S.
    conglomerate’s chief investment officer until 2019, will be appointed as Icahn Enterprises’s CEO and chief operating officer on Monday, Icahn said in an interview with the paper.

    A ten week consultation by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) that has been assessing the current ban on the practice concludes tomorrow.

    it is expected to remove a ban which prohibits the sale of any and all genetic modification on foods sold in the UK

    Throw in a long but smartly assembled selection of A-list producer/co-writers that includes Andrew Watt, Skrillex, the Monsterz & Strangers, Louis Bell, Benny Blanco, Finneas and too many more to mention, and it adds up to a Bieber who is actually making smart choices pretty much all around, all of a sudden, sounding like the antithesis of what he admits he once was: „Unstable.“ This is a honeymoon that could last.

    However, the  reports that it is likely the consultation will result in this being changed. 

    The British group looks set to rake in £900million from the £4.8billion order for the planes, which are among the world’s premier fighter jets and can reach speeds of up to twice the speed of sound.

    The range of the aircraft would be around 8,000 miles.

    The UK government is expected to lift a ban which forbids the cultivation and sale of genetically edited plants and animals, according to reports.  

    It helps a great deal that, for as many musical points as it hits, it isn’t hitting them randomly.

    The sequencing of the album seems roughly and smartly divided into thirds, each with its own emphasis. The opening few tracks are mostly „Justice“ as its most subdued, with no particular need for drums on every numbers, much less the percussion du jour at all times.

    The first single from the album, „Holy,“ with its feature from fellow choir member Chance the Rapper, was an early indication that the overall mood might not be much changed: there would be more about Hailey, more about God and, most of all, more about Hailey-as-God, with the singer as her (or Her) wholly unworthy supplicant.

    Watch video Jessie J packs on the PDA with new boyfriend Max in car wash

    Credit should also be offered for the quality of the features here. On „Changes,“ it was easy to look at a guest list that included Post Malone, Lil Dicky and Travis Scott and assume they were chosen because…
    they’re popular? On „Justice,“ the usual plethora of guest slots brings in performers who actually feel like they complement Bieber somehow, whether it’s the horny Christianity of Chance the Rapper or the mumblecore-ythm ’n blues of Khalid or the demonstrably international cadences of a Burna Boy.

    The more grab-baggy and aggressive final third of the album winds back down with the already familiar „Lonely“ as its downer climax.
    When the tune first came out back in October, it was kind of easy to be dismissive of it as yet another in the long line of songs where superstars complain about the attention that has come their way as the result of their fame. But maybe it’s because Bieber hasn’t touched on, yet alone belabored, anything like that for the preceding bulk of the album, that it seems to come out of nowhere, anew, as kind of, like, a legitimately touching lament.

    It feels honest but it also feels like he’s earned the right to gripe by being so much happy-go-luckier in the lead-up to singing: „Everybody saw me sick / And it felt like no one gave a shit / They criticized the things I did / As an idiot kid.“ Maybe it’s in the wake of that Britney special that some of us can receive this in a different spirit than we maybe did five months ago…

    even though it’s still kind of a weird way to end the album. (Or not end it, when multiple deluxe editions inevitably present themselves.)

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